SNAP uses state of the art customised software and equipment to make workplaces a safer environment.

  • Electrical Safety testing and tagging of appliances and leads and powerboards -a visual inspection of the item is carried out first, then electrical testing is carried out, including electrical tests of insulation resistance, leakage current testing, earth resistance, as well as polarity tests where required.
  • Testing of portable and fixed RCD’s (safety Switches) - these are inspected and tested as per AS3760:2010. They are designed to detect any disruption of the electrical flow to any circuit that they are fitted to. They are required to be tested to ensure that they switch off the power in a given time. We carry out trip and operating time tests as per the schedule below.
  • Three phase appliance and lead testing – these are carried out as per AS3760:2010 including visual and electrical testing.
  • Microwave testing - visual inspection is first carried out then we use a specialist Microwave Leakage Detector to measure leakage around the microwave in accordance with the strict guidlines set out in AS60335.
  • Free reminder service - we will contact you when your testing and tagging is due to be completed again, as per AS3760:2010.
  • Supply data reporting in hard and soft formats - clients are required to have records of inspections. SNAP can supply data in hard or soft copy files of your choice. These specialist custom reports detail clear and precise information of recent testing at your site. They also clearly define your commitment to ongoing workplace safety.
  • Free Site inspection and analysis - we come to your site for free and inspect and advise you of your compliance requirements.
  • Repairs - our technicians can carry out minor repairs on site, to keep your equipment, in operation  and if required repairs offsite in a timely manner.
  • SNAP Test & TAG provides customer service no less than what we would expect to be given.


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